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Programs rely on flexible IT solutions that meet program requirements and flex when requirements change.

That’s why we use Projexis™.
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Agile Program Management Software

Early in our careers in the oil and gas industry, we quickly realized that companies needed a better way to mitigate their risks in large-scale, data-driven programs.

We witnessed how large programs with multiple stakeholders were slow to launch. Many lacked visibility into key performance metrics and were hindered by inefficiencies, waste, and fraud. 

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Powering Large-Scale Programs with Speed and Visibility

Today, Projexis is a SaaS no-code workflow platform designed to get large-scale programs launched within as little as a day. It’s a flexible and customizable cloud-based solution that can be configured to meet unique client specifications.

Projexis is specifically focused on minimizing risk by providing data consistency and transparency to satisfy compliance requirements.

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Cut Your Costs Dramatically

  • Flexible pricing 
  • Paperless document management
  • Automated processes
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Rest Assured Your Data Is Secure

  • Rigorous penetration testing
  • Through security audits 
  • Data encryption available where appropriate
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Achieve Your Goals Sooner

  • Increase team collaboration with management dashboards 
  • Track KPIs and metrics 
  • Respond to operational problems before they occur

Achieve Efficiencies Throughout the Project Lifecycle

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Program Management

Comprehensive. Compliant. Secure.

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