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We use Projexis™, an agile program management and reporting tool with the power to deliver program workflow efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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Project Management

Projexis supports cohesive project plans with transparency and visibility into planning assumptions and decisions, strong communication among project stakeholders, and documentation for approved scope, cost, and schedule baselines.


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Grant Management Program Execution

By seamlessly integrating existing data from a variety of sources, Projexis enables program teams at all phases of execution to uncover critical insights and spot roadblocks to mitigate risks.

Logic-driven workflows and queues collect complete program requirements and apply data integrity standards to the tracking and reporting of performance metrics, scheduling, budgeting, unit delivery, communication records, closeout artifacts, and contract information.

Projexis supports narrative reporting for end-users and interfaces with third-party reporting software to facilitate customized reporting for internal and external stakeholders.  

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Projexis Reporting Dashboards

With Projexis, produce real-time, easy-to-read dashboards to gain better insight into project status, federal funds received, expenses, aging reports, and more. 
  • Operational throughput and velocity
  • Cost and time per unit
  • Production pipelines
  • Utilization and efficiency rates
  • Backlog and aging
  • Vendor and KPI scorecards
  • Historical and forecasted trends
  • Payments and disbursements


Budget Governance

For busy teams, managing federal funding programs requires a tremendous amount of time and compliance oversight.

Projexis helps to streamline the budget governance process by tracking expenses for all phases of projects and providing visibility and control over accounting data, documentation, and regulatory deadlines. 

With a streamlined way to plan and track capital improvement spending, teams are better equipped to ensure progress aligns to strategic initiatives.

Projexis helps internal teams provide key visibility and transparency to stakeholders that help to drive sound decisions, avoid funding claw backs, and optimize performance.


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Funding Source Management

Organizations pursuing funding large-scale projects need a better way to identify and track federal Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs). Once funds are secured, managing the requirements is a major undertaking.

Projexis also allows users to track funding sources and requirements across agencies and sub-grantees with accuracy and accountability.

A Cloud-based solution, Projexis is a centralize hub providing real-time visibility with easy-to-read reports and dashboards.  As a one-stop source for collaboration across internal and external teams, Projexis stays nimble and adaptive to changing funding scenarios and regulatory requirements.

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The specialist program management methodology Projexis employed allowed the organization to distribute over $1.6 billion within the first six months, realize administrative budget savings of over $100 million per year, and drive a 250 percent increase in claims throughput. All of this was accomplished while maintaining claims award accuracies of over 99 percent in one of the largest and most complex class action settlements in U.S. history.
Robert Levine
CFO, Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Program

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